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Repair of all Ipods (excluding the Shuffle)

Free Diagnostic Service

Return shipping included with repair


Has your Ipod failed? Do you know what is wrong with it?

Would you like it to be repaired at a fair price?

At Ipod Repair of Memphis, we aim to repair your Ipod and get it back to you in full working order and gain you as a valued customer.

Here's how it works:

  • Download the DIAGNOSTIC REQUEST FORM here. Complete the form and mail the form along with the ipod to us (shipping insurance is recommended)
  • Email us via the CONTACT FORM to let us know it is on the way.
  • Once we receive your ipod, we will diagnose the problem(s) and contact you with the cost of the repair
  • At this point you have three options:

    1. Pay for the repair (Paypal, Google Checkout,
      Cashiers Check or Money Order)
    2. Decline the repair, we will return the ipod to you.
      Shipping is $10.00
    3. If you do not want the repair or return, we can buy your broken ipod

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